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Full time

Job Description Summary

Key Duties / Responsibilities

  1. Follow all food safety, process control policies and regulations.
  2. Report any defective materials or questionable conditions to the Production Supervisor or Leader
  3. Maintain the work area and equipment in a clean, orderly, safely working condition
  4. Adjust, calibrate, and test equipment at the beginning of every shift to ensure proper pressure, speed, temperature, and general operation
  5. Examine visually, weigh and measure components created from equipment at the end of the week to ensure machines are producing according to company and industry regulations and standards, adjusting as needed.
  6. Make repairs to equipment when necessary, and replace all defective, broken, or worn-out components.
  7. Identifies and labels materials, including regrind, colorants, additives, accurately.
  8. Do cleaning job when finish the job daily to maintain a clean environment.
  9. Other duty as assigned.

Job Requirements

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