Nature’s Own® Instant Barley Lemon Drink

Nature’s Own® Instant Barley Lemon Drink



  • Use state-of- the-art technology to process barley into fine powder and also to retain its
  • Natural lemon taste.
  • No preservatives.
  • Packed into sachets.


  • Consumed by generations as a refreshing and cooling drink. With lemon flavour for the younger generation.
  • Lime can help in avoiding constipation.
  • Easy to prepare.
Unit Bar Code: 9 556327 200025
Carton Bar Code: 39 556327 200026
Packaging: 24 packs x 15 sachets x 25gm
Carton Dimension (mm): 618 x 238 x 260
Weight/Carton (kg): 9
Ingredients: Barley Powder, Pandan Extract, Lemon Powder and Sugar.
Storage Method: Store in cool dry place, away from strong light and odour.
Product shelf life: 18 months

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 61.8 x 23.8 x 26 cm


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